Enlightenment isn't just one state

The new crystalline Ascension code templates that have been upgrading our Earth matrix grid of light and ley lines since 2012 are now fully anchoring and actualizing on Gaia. Part of the reason we are all shifting now. Many of you would have been experiencing Ascension Symptoms, ringing in the ears these last 36 hours and rolling body pains. The downward spiraling tsunami of death and decay energy releasing the 3rd dimension, amped up by the Solar Beltane energies and shift of the nodes is lifting to reveal the 5D New Earth in the coming days, week & month. 


On a personal note, my electrical system has been buzzing, shooting off sparks so much I could only find some relief by being outside leaning into a tree and earthing, but my sore third eye has been exploding with platinum pure white plasma balls that then run through my body, ripping parts of my skin off to expose the galaxy, planets and orbits within. In the moments between the moments, Isis came to talk about my previous life in Sirius at the temple of Karnak closely aligned with the Egyptian temple the same name, while Sophia (her energy is so beyond describing radiant, but luckily I can sustain it longer than a few minutes now) has been next level anchoring of my body temple. 


For a few days, go easy on yourself, drink as much water as you can, and just rest. I will be deep in Spiritual Maintenance/ channeling states off-grid mode to be revealed in the coming days, weeks and months. So please dont be alarmed if it takes me longer to get back to you this week.