A Portal to Enlightenment

Elevate the wild luminosity and love-bloomed clarity as you

Explore the new hologram of higher mind consciousness of the Galactic mind with the Crystal Skull ⚡🌀🌪️🌀⚡ on the 

BLOOD MOON total LUNAR  ECLIPSE this  May 25/26 


Igniting the change of the next 6 months ➡️ 🌑🌹🌕


Evoke the flames of the Blood Moon  Goddess Kali Ma to burn away, clearing the small mind, awakening your crystalline mind…

There are multiple dimensions of consciousness accessible through the continued spiritual growth and transformation, level by level as you experience expansions, the next part of your journey begins to illuminate. 

This Sagittarius  ♐ Lunar Eclipse is a potent one that will further;

 💫 Releasing the veils of separation & illusion from your 3rd eye and crown chakra, 

💫 Breakdown any distortions  while more of the 3D crumbles, and 

💫  Like a snake 🐍 shedding and remove deeper layers that have held us back and made us feel small.


 🔥Eclipses sometimes get a bad rap because they can  reveal an unnerving amount of change 🌊 providing incredible 🌟 new opportunities for embodiment, growth 🌱 and an open doorway 🌀/portal into a greater flow and sync with Higher Light and incredible bliss.

The 1st 1/2  of 2021 prepared us for this sacred embodiment birthing the new earth (a frequency)

Where 🌟Spirit becomes Matter,. ✨the physicalization of Spirit as our foundations were restructured clearing our the past to liberate our future⚡🌪️⚡


This Lunar Eclipse aligns the Galactic ☄️Portal, through the Womb of the Milky 🌌Way and the Grand Central ☀️ Sun that our Galaxy our solar ring revolves around, aligning the 🌀🔥🌀Ignition of  the Stargates within you. 

 Electrify  your pituitary & pineal  gland  will  expand the horizons of your crystalline vision 👁️🌙👁️ With Jupiter in Pisces presently, expect the unexpected… illuminating in and around your world hidden dimensions of magick.. 

🌹💙✨Embodying YOUR  highest Divine Truth, Light & presence

⚜️🌹✨Please Join us Tuesday May 25 @ 7pm EDT 


As we gather in our Sacred Temple Sanctuary on Zoom to





Including with 2- hour Recording;


🌹Lunar Stargate Alchemy, & Wisdom 

🌹Breath of Kundalini Fire 

🌹 Kristos- Sophia Template Codes 

🌹Divine Mind Stellar star Activation 

🌹 Crystal Skull 

🌹Akashic Records, 

🌹Ancestral DNA light Transfiguration Chamber, 

 🌹Triple Flame Stargate Activation {Womb, Heart and 3rd Eye} 

🌹Krystalline Grid Sound Bath 

🌹Goddess Alchemy  Rose Temple Star Priestess Initiation. 



By sliding scale Donation

$22.22 – $55.55




☥ Recorded {REPLAY} for those who cannot join us LIVE

☥ Suspended Activation in Astral Realm till you are ready to receive

☥ Interdimensional Passport 

☥ Ignite your next vibrational plasma level Metatron’s Cube & Merkaba

☥ Anchor the Triple Galactic Ascension Seats of Shamballa, Sirius and Orion

☥ Lemurian Crystalline Water Blessing & Activation

☥ Sound bath Healing Journey

☥ Multi-Dimensional Lightbody healing

☥Galactic Krystalline Gridding Activation

☥ Online sacred FACEBOOK Portal; to connect, share and heal communing Sacred Space Preparation


Please join us for this LIVE Online Virtual Event;


TUESDAY MAY 25 @ 7 pm EDT 

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As we gather in our Sacred Online Temple Space on ZOOM to

(2 -hours Transmission)


By Sliding Scale Donation $22.22 – $55.55


In addition to the 2 transformative multi-dimensional meditations, you will also Receive these Divine Transmissions;


Plasma Re-calibration,

Multidimensional & Integration,

Infinity Rose Codes of Venus

Sacred Geometry


Chakra Light Infusion,

Platinum Ray Yod Energization,

Quantum Transfiguration(Starseed; Pleiadian, Sirian, Artcurian, Andromeda Vega, Lyran )


Great White Lodge of Sirius, Shambhala,

Diamond Geometries of the Giza Plateau,

Golden Chamber of Melchizedek,

Isis Rose Temple,

Solar Core, with Twin Flames Helios & Vesta

Cosmic Pyramid – Orion

Mount Shasta

Lemuria Hawaii



Join other Starseeds, soul-igniters, grid-light anchors, priest/esses , awakened souls, galactic divas and

empaths from around the world, cosmos and solar ring as we gather together at this sacred time


(2 – Hours Transmission )


By Sliding Scale Donation $22.22 – $55.55

Interdimensional Passport will be sent after payment.