Living Light Transmission

Join us for the LIVE Solar Eclipse Event on THURSDAY JUNE 10TH at 7:00PM EST

🔥Cross the threshold into a world between the worlds as the  solar fire eclipse  gateway is a time to travel within

Much healing has unfolded but now is the time to step into your power, your light and allow the YOU- inverse to guide you forward.

🌙This Cosmic Gateway aligns the energy of three New Moons in one,

aligning the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth bringing major elevation, growth and expansion into your inner kingdoms that will reflect out into your world. 

As you traverse these new spiritual dimensions of consciousness the next part of your journey arrives within the holy waters of the body temple through the  eclipsing of the lunar waves  

🐍Is ignited by the Inner Flames of the Rising Serpent of Fire, or kundalini awakening, clearing your masculine/feminine channels, healing your body temple so that your soul, divine presence can descend.

Through the gift of the Sacred Holy Fires of Transmutation, Isis and Osiris will initiate your dissolving all the impurities and energetic imprints, patterns, karmic cycles, vows, oaths from within our cellular DNA memory, deep from within our ancestral lineage and galactic heritage reframing and igniting your soul to step into your full potential and divine presences

The Journey within dives deep within the Holy of holies, 

As timelines expand

🌊And  contract  in waves

🔆We rest in the gateway of lunar and solar light






Journey Including with 2- hour Recording;


🔥Ring of Fire Stargate


Helios & Vesta Solar Twin Flames Alchemy, & Wisdom


🐍Breath of Serpent Fire

🔆Solar Sun Temple of Ra Activation;

the Solar Encodement of initiation and consciousness with the new

Cosmic Pyramid Activation

For our 13 bodies and Chakras of Light to become ONE Unified Diamond Light.

Solar priest/priestess codes

Quantum Transfiguration Chamber Activation

Triple Flame Stargate Activation {Womb, Heart and 3rd Eye}

Krystalline Grid Sound Bath

Goddess Alchemy  Cosmic Queen Initiation.

This Journey  INCLUDES

☥ Recorded {REPLAY} for those who cannot join us LIVE

☥ Interdimensional Passport – Suspended Activation till you’re ready to receive in REPLAY

☥ Anchor the Triple Galactic Ascension Seats of Shamballa, Sirius and Orion

☥ Lemurian Crystalline Water Blessing & Activation

☥ Sound bath Healing Journey

☥ Multi-Dimensional Lightbody healing

☥Galactic Krystalline Gridding Activation

☥ Online sacred FACEBOOK Portal; to connect, share and heal communing Sacred Space Preparation

Please join us for this LIVE Online Virtual Event;

THURSDAY JUNE 10th @ 7:00 pm EST 

$33.00 CND


In addition to the living light transmission, you will also Receive these Divine downloads



Platinum Ray,

Plasma Re-calibration,

Multidimensional & Integration,

Infinity Venus Rose Codes

Sacred Geometry


Quantum Transfiguration(Starseed; Pleiadian, Sirian, Artcurian, Andromeda Vega, Lyran )





Golden Chamber of Melchizedek

Solar Core, with Twin Flames Helios & Vesta

Great White Lodge of Sirius, Shambhala,

Diamond Geometries of the Giza Plateau,

Isis Serpent of Fire Cosmic Temple,

Lemuria Hawaii



Join other Starseeds, soul-igniters, grid-light anchors, priest/esses , 

Awakened souls, galactic divas and empaths from around the world, 

Cosmos and solar ring as we gather together at this sacred time



(2 – Hours Transmission)