March Solace

The number 3 represents creativity, joy, psychic abilities, third eye activation and the holy trinity. 
 These Energies are powerful and jam-packed full of New Crystalline Light Codes! 
 Think of these Light Codes as the Key Codes needed to activate your DNA. 
 Which are also activating and turning on your entire Soul Blueprint. 
Your Soul Blueprint contains information for your journey, lessons, and even purpose. As the March 13th, dreamy New Moon in Pisces weaves into illumination, it will reveal new realms of consciousness awareness, deep healing & clearing of a lot more trauma deep within the fiber of your bones and blood passed down from our ancestors.
  As many of you are Starseeds remember that you came from higher realms or even different Star Systems you dare to imagine bringing new perspectives of your gifts from previous lives into this present one.
Expect miracles, clarity of insight, an ascending spiral as you elevate your mind
A great affirmation for this New Moon:
“I surrender with grace and
Flow into a deeper vibrational alignment of self-love and healing.
Breath in Love
Exhale releasing old fears”
Our Powerful Portal of March Relief video;
Cosmic Forecast,
Ascension Energies,
Soul Codes,
Oracle Cards pulls
Crystal Grid &
Here’s a fun podcast interview on The Happy Empath with the lovely Gaby from Hope you enjoy this hilarious enLIGHTENing podcast as much as we did co-creating it.

The Happy Empath Podcast

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