We stand at a divine portal now, as Venus rises into her 7th and final Gateway the Crown Chakra, the Coronation Gateway of Divine Sovereignty and the Feminine Christ Consciousness within her ascension sojourn of the last 8 year transit that began in 2012. 

Each of these 7  gateways/conjuncts ignites the ancient embodied spiritual wisdom, the ⚜️Goddess Alchemy⚜️of the petal and thorn,  aligned within your chakras descending through the seven gates to meet yourself, you have faced the hallway of mirrors, and walked the valley of shadows again and again. 

Over these 2 days (Mon April 27 & Tues April 28) lookup in the night sky, Venus will be in all her most luminescent radiant glory just after sunset. 

Allow yourself to receive Venus showering us with the gifts of her interstellar consciousness, shimmering golden infused Light Language, Venusian Rose Codes and the Sacred Geometry of Isis, the Sophia-Christ, and Mary Magdalene lineage. 

These radiant downloads may cause vivid visions,  prolific Moonifest dreams and enhance the gift of intuition over the next several days. 

You are present here in this time of the Golden Age Awakening. Fully crowned by your own sovereign essence embodied in its fullest form. The journey of Venus is the macrocosm sacred map arising from within the microcosm of your Ancestral bloodline, awakening Wombmxn, and  Priestess DNA healing every molecule,  tissue, and fiber of your cells empowering you to make true embodiment change affecting your entire ancestral line while reclaiming your ⚜️Sovereign Divinity Rose Queen.

 Within the heart of the rose lies a magical key, hidden for aeons, since the witches burned and the temples lay in ruin. Like a mysterious knowing,  buried  deep within, a secret  treasure of jewels beneath the baron  desert. A  golden thread inter-dimensionally weaves us together across timelines, generations and descendants, an offering of the ancient Sisterhood that beckons us to rise and gather once again. 

Please join us if you feel the call to dive deeper into these sacred teachings, technologies and mysteries

 Tues April 28 at 7:11 pm EDT

 within the  ⚜️Goddess Alchemy siSTARhood Mystery School  FB sacred container  for the 
Triple Flame Venusian Stargate Activation
April 28
7:11 pmEDT    |     4:11pmPDT    |    12:11amGDT    |   1:11pm Hawaii   |   10:11 am Oz   

The Venus Star will be at her BRIGHTEST, radiating all her divine frequencies onto our planet Gaia. As her dance, after kissing the Moon is now in the final petal of her 8 year transit, you will experience a stirring a deep knowing of the Higher Magijck’s Isis and Magdalene Mystery school teachings returning to our planet to be recoded and re-templated within our Hearts awakening the hidden DNA , and our womb (ladies)  and hara (gentlemen). 

This Divine Initiation is an Ancient-future Mystery School Ritual that’s been hidden from our planet for eons since the days of Lemuria. The cosmology of today reveals that the time is now to receive these  Sophia  Cosmic Alchemical Venus Codes of Light that will awaken our Feminine Christ Sovereignty.
Sovereign Divinity Rose Queen 
Explore and join us for the forthcoming  “Sovereign Divinity Rose Queen” a 13 Moon Multi-layered Year Spiral of sacred ceremony, ritual and healing, Activating on the June Eclipse aligned with Venus’s new 8- years Rose path to transit. 
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✨This is a very special opportunity just released  FIRST only for our radiant community.


We are so grateful for the gift of your presence in these collective gatherings
in devotion