Feast of the Magdalene

After being cast out for centuries in 2016, The Vatican officially decreed that July 22, would be known as 🌹The feast of St. Mary Magdalene🌹

Considered to be one of the most mystical of feasts, and said that of all the songs🎵 of the saints, that of 🌹Mary Magdalene is the sweetest and strongest because her love was so great ✨🙏🌹💙

Join us for a beautiful sacred gathering in our ⚜️Goddess Alchemy Sisterhood Mystery School ⚜️ for;

🌹 A Sojourn to The Etheric Temple of the Magdalene,

🌹 Align your womb with the Cosmic Womb of all Creation

🌹 Receive a Triple Rose Alchemy Transmission for the Stargates 🌀🔥🌀of the Heart, Womb and Yoni

🌹🌹 Awakening the Diamond key codes seeding 2,000 years ago

🌹 Revive the Ancient myth of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose

🏵️Join us July 22 @ 2pm LIVE or #REPLAY anytime in