MIND OF LIGHT; Reclaiming Magnetic Clarity

Last months  life-altering celestial events of the final Uranus Pluto Square (a series of 7 we received between 2012- 2015) including the powerful added  voltage of the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse which sparked a reconstruction process in a profound way, elevating further still any lingering deep seated wounds, anxieties, self-esteem and fears  to once again be released (Pluto takes us to the core of who we are while Uranus shakes our foundation til we align with truth and our higher self). You’ll find that recuperation and a sense of balance will be restored through the month of April.


The Earth and all her sentient beings are Ascending; elevating in  vibrational frequency  collectively as we are all  disengaging from the Fear Matrix of Illusion. The Fear Matrix is nothing more than an accumulation of past anxieties, stress- filled worries to sometimes evoking paralyzing fear resulting most to feel left in a mental fog.   For those of you with Clairvoyant abilities the Fear Matrix’s usually shows up looking like a cloud above your head that travels with you as well as a part that remains stationed draped above your bed  as gray and black clouds seeming like weeds intertwined throughout your subtle bodies.

The important thing to remember is that this is all an illusion treating you to some sleepless nights spent in over-analysis and strategic planning similar to a chess match leaving you mentally drained and waking up in a frozen state. Awareness is key and these are just some of the “symptoms” of the Fear Matrix fog clouding your perception.

Hearing the call and the need for help the Inner -Plane Ascendant Master  devised various techniques to assist you with releasing these energies from your body, aura and hologram; helping to awaken to the many levels of consciousness and embracing your inner reality.

SOME BASICS to remember…

Simply begin with smudging your room, above the bed, your own body especially above your head with sage (white buffalo) or sweet grass. This will instantly dissolve these clouds leaving the room feeling energetically fresh and light.

 S T O N E S

Another great idea is to create your bed as an alter with these specific stones:


A powerful and protective stone that’s a natural tranquilizer bring serenity enhancing sacred space the healing and cleansing of your sacred space and aura. Superbly beneficial to the mind, calming and stimulating when appropriate.  Over come insomnia, nightmares awakening the divine connection with the brain


An extremely efficient grounding and anchoring stone that also assists with raising your vibration releasing any negative energies, dissolves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness restoring harmony, peace and a feeling of stillness allowing you to release your day and get some restful sleep.


One of the most powerful transmitters of negative energy on the planet at this time, if your great with visualizations then this may be the one for you. Envision yourself completely engulfed in the violet flame especially around and above your head and within in minutes you will feel the energy release restoring stillness and peace. Repeating this mantra 3X’s while focusing on your brain will do you wonders;

I AM the Violet Flame
I am the purity God desires.


As all the cosmic stations (astrological signs) have been expanding and anchoring their own highest expression ie Saturn is no longer the planet of the father or world teacher but now embracing  the Inner Guru! We are all experiencing the anchoring of our true calling – A TOTAL GAME CHANGER! Moving from the head to the heart ~ looking closely at every aspect of our being, revamping EVERY aspect of you.   Its time to stop waiting and start creating!
Below you may recognize this symbol of the

Flower of Life.

One of the most magical symbols in existence.  When tracing  these lines you’ll notice an awakening serenity overcome you as it begins to infuses your pituitary /pineal gland igniting the Arc of Light above and around your forehead  blending and merging the left and right brain hemisphere’s together for brain illumination allowing you to gain access to parts of your brain you may have never used. Awakening your Mind of Light the Mind of God enhancing your natural abilities and gifting you with a greater sense of foresight.

Further igniting and infusing you with creativity, feelings of serenity, peace of mind, magnetic clarity, stillness allowing you to just simply be. A fantastic tool before a meditation, or just when your in need of some moments of pure aloneness luxury.