SHIFT HAPPENS! As the bigger-is-better Jupiter travels through the improvement zone of Virgo for the next year, Jupiter in Virgo is Good News for all of us. It’s turning some of the rubble of the past three years into firm and sturdy foundations. Not to mention, encouraging quite a lot of clean-up work the early days have the feel of coming to after a wild party and easing into putting your surroundings – and yourself – back in a semblance of order. As this reunion occurs, there is a sense of completion and wholeness, a unity that aligns you with the resonance of your birthright of unlimited abundance. You should, however, be sensing renewed optimism already, whether you or not can put your finger on why, especially after other cosmic forces hit the reset button in September.
This crucial shift from scarcity and lack consciousness into unity consciousness of abundance transcends the illusion of duality and ascends into the memory of unity. Through this process it alleviates the chronic longing and struggle associated with the illusion of feeling sepeare from what you want and grounds you in the truth of unlimited abundance making it easier to attract that which you desire and support your soul’s expression on all levels including the material.

SOUL TRAVEL; Expansion of Consciousness

Soul Travel transcends astral or mind travel, and rote prayer, elevating one into profound spiritual areas. Whenever Soul reaches the far orbits of the inner planes through Soul Travel, the human heart opens to God’s all-consuming love. – Harold Klemp
Soul exists on all planes, so what feels like movement, or travel, is simply Soul coming into an agreement with fixed states and conditions that already exist in some world of time and space.  A contemplative may hear a rushing sound, like a wailing wind in a tunnel, along with a sensation of incredible speed. But as explained, Soul doesn’t move; Soul is. Time and space adjust to Soul’s state of consciousness, and it is this adjustment of time and space that renders an illusion of movement or breathtaking speed. Soul Travel is for the bold and courageous in spirit. But remember, since one doesn’t in fact travel anywhere, it’s impossible to get lost.  Keep that principle in mind during a spiritual exercise. It will lend the confidence to open your heart to love and so delight in any enlightenment that finds you.
The Temple of Light of Sakkara;
This necropolis of ‘city of the dead’ is best known for being home to the oldest pyramid in Egypt, the Step Pyramid. Your holographic transmission from Sakkara will enhances your cellular knowledge that it is your birthright to have unlimited abundance. In ancient times people used this magnificent temple as a kind of wishing well where they asked for blessings and the fulfillment of their desires. As you journey to Sakkara you feel an expansion in your awareness and consciousness beyond time and space igniting the seeds of consciousness embedded within the sands and the pool that surrounds a beautiful citrine crystal containing the activation of the memory of your birthright of unlimited abundance. As you remember this divine truth the illusion that you have earned your place on the planet is dissolved as the veil is pierced through the illusion of separation while removing the layers of the illusion of low self-worth, not being good enough  or that you are somehow made worth only by your actions and productivity are transmuted by embracing your right to have all that you need and desire in abundant supple. The universe supports you as you find the balancing of the polarity to birth a new found TRUST in the unfoldment of your life and the absolute return to the undeniable fact that the universe