This year started off with a massive emotional cleansing that brought up old, suppressed,  stagnate energy, belief systems and patterns literally from the bottom of our souls for transmutation. This caused massive upheaval,  unlocking us from a  virtual spiritual prison  but bringing a greater awareness of our vulnerability and transparency  as authentic divine beings fully into the light.
It’s time…the energy is rising, the Gateways are opening this powerful September month that is upon us is a definite life changer; as this eclipse season is kicking into gear, we also experience a Mercury RX in Libra (relationships revisited) with the Fall Equinox and the Blood Moon on Sept 27th. You can count on this becoming a life altering month.
Eclipses always demonstrate shifts in energy. They can open huge new doors, and firmly shut old, worn-out ones. One thing you can be sure of, these cosmic game-changers will always reveal truth where previously truth has been hidden.

*If you are open to emotional and psychic frequencies, you are always picking up on universal energy shifts. You’ll most likely have been feeling this Solar Eclipse in Virgo building for many days now. You may be feeling it as physical symptoms and/or be more emotionally sensitive. Your psychic knowing can be greatly heightened. You may even have a sense of where and how your life needs to change in order for you to be more aligned with your divine purpose and inner truth.

Eclipses are the Universe’s way of bringing conscious awareness to one key part of your life (or your whole life in some cases). They always shine the light of truth on things, so it is not wise to keep important things hidden at the time of an eclipse. If you do, you may find that the truth comes out in ways that feel destructive or very uncomfortable.

If you know that you need to open up and be honest with yourself or others, use this eclipse and Mercury RX to do it in a healthy, conscious manner. As you do so, the Eclipse energies will greatly support you, and help you move your life forward into deeper authenticity and personal power.

Eclipses are always helpful because they shift us onto new planes of existence that are ultimately for our Highest Good. If we resist the changes and positive evolution that the Universe is wanting to bring in for us, we can experience eclipse vibrations as disruptive. If an eclipse does instigate events that shock or disturb us, in time we come to see that the changes arose to move us to Higher Ground: for example, the relationship had died long ago, but we were holding on out of fear, or the job we lost wasn’t really serving our potential, after all.

Be humble for you are made of Earth. Be noble for you are made of Stars.
-Serbian Proverb

Eclipse energy is transformational on the level of consciousness, and sometimes we can take great leaps of spiritual awareness at these times of sacred opening.

Meditation and conscious spiritual practice will tune you into the magical vibrations of this eclipse, so you can feel your inner guidance and respond to the messages delivered by Spirit. Let the Gateway open up in each of your chakras, enter your energy bodies and show you where you are evolving to next.
Pay attention to whatever comes into your intuitive awareness around the time of an eclipse, because the Universe is most definitely speaking to you.*