DIVINE SACRED UNION; The 10 bodies of Light or The TREE of Life

Experience one of the most profound meditation night transmissions in ascension. The 10 Bodies of Light Ignition of the Tree of Life, create the soul to soul connection, the essence of life itself aligning the souls yearning to be met in a deeply inmate, mutually honoring and soul fulfilling partnership enabling you to experience greater states of ecstasy.


In order to enter into the three paths of Sacred Union including the rites of the White, Red & Black Tantra, one truly has to “Know Thyself`”.


For this to authentically happen, one must embrace their vastness by expanding the experience of their conscious awareness within the ten light bodies that exist in other dimensional spaces, without denying the day-to-day physical world that we live in.


As we relearn all that we’ve been taught the hidden in plain sight sacred symbol of the Tree of Life – or 10 Bodies – 10 Sephiroth which represents each within its own dimension/sphere/realm/chakra merge in a synergistic fusion with not only your physical, emotional mental and sexual bodies but anchors throughout your aura, body and hologram.   Merging together as one. Divine Sacred Union; the divine marriage.

AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS; Revealing the Garden of Eden

You will  have the opportunity to meditate with the Solar, Galactic, Universal  Cosmic Rays of Spirit, Ascension Seats of Shambhalla and the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek as you experience the exquisiteness, sublimity and profundity of these Higher Divine Emanations.
Descending into your physical body activating the 10 Sephiroth’s
As you bathe in and absorb the deepest of frequencies of the Planetary and the Cosmic Rays you will feel and sense a profound change happening within yourself because you will be reconnecting with your Divine Self.