FALL EQUINOX; Uncover the treasures within

What was once hidden from view can now be seen. Laying within you are many inner treasures and gifts. This is your time of discovery as everyone is gifted just some chose not to open their package. You have special and unique skills that you have hidden, like pearls in a shell.  The spiral ascension energy felt during this time ignites the Universal energies presently working with you to help uncover what lies within.

(The Ancients understood the important powerful aspects of how darkness played in the work of spiritual transformation & alchemy. As seen in the  picture below with the mysterious 13 Maoi (each representing our 13 chakra’s) stand facing the Equinox sunset with the Majesty of the Milky Way or Divine Feminine cosmic portal illuminating them from above; illustrating the understanding of this sacred balancing time of year in welcoming our

By welcoming the darkness of the shadow into our lives we embraced a freedom of expression in owning our emotional wounds, delving deep into the most separated aspects of self to ignite the soul; co-create heaven on earth as a divine spark being of light.
To become a WHOLE BEing one must own both aspects of self; the Light & the Dark.


During the Autumn Equinox as the light and dark become equal parts moving into darkness until the Winter SOUL-tice, the shadow is honored, revered and celebrated for its lessons; a true alley that once embrace would reveal its magnificent gift.

)cThe darkness and death (transformation) can be found in the cycles of nature, in the alignment of our planet and traces of it can be found scattered across the globe in ancient legends, myths and sites that have become lost or distorted over time but can still be discovered and sensed with an open heart aligning us with the realization of how we truly are ONE with all the is.

As we reclaim the soul fragments through our initiations, conscious soul evolutionary healing’s, and meditation transmissions we come to understand the true meaning of the words;
“If you wish to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy” 
– Tesla
These magical worlds once veiled behind the dimensional doorways will now open; awakening our true divine essence in reclaiming our sacred roots making us cosmic beings aligned energetically flowing from the Milky Way through our beautiful luminescent bodies or ashrams of light into the center of Gaia.

As above, so below.