TOTAL ECLIPSE; of the Blood Moon

 Get ready to experience the second eclipse in a series of four intense, provocative lunations along the Aries-Libra axis! We are in the process of utterly transforming our concept of relationships during these few years – ALCHEMY OF THE HEART – slowly getting to the heart of what love really means.

In the week leading up to this passionate, penetrating full Moon in Aries, you are being called to put your desires front and center. Expect to burn and yearn — and learn to like it.

To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”
— Federico Garcia Lorca

)This pivotal moment of awakening to your true self will feel like lightning. You will JUST KNOW exactly what you need to do! Trust that impulse, do not judge it with your logical mind and act on it as you are being divinely guided. This energy will also remind you there is no need to compromise who you truly are to please another. Love sets you free to be you, remember that. Uranus and its feeling of freedom will also remind us that true freedom resides within. If you feel confined within relationship, afraid of commitment, ponder upon the way you relate to your freedom. Having the choice to do whatever you want is not freedom it is selfishness. Within a relationship, there is a new sense of freedom that can emerge when rooted in love. This is the art and beauty of relationships. We have come here to share, not to be loners. Find your sense of freedom within limitations.

It all began with the infamous “Blood Moon” of last April. First, a bit of debunking: the scary concept of the Blood Moon was conceived of by an evangelical pastor, and then blew up into a viral whirlwind of hyped up end-of-the-world fear-mongering. All the doom and gloom had nothing to do with astrology. That said, because the Moon is so big and red, it has been referred to as Blood Moon for, well, many Moons! If last spring felt rather intense, you can blame it on the Grand Cardinal Cross. The “tetrad” — a term that describes the phenomenon of four related eclipses in a row — is a real concept accepted by astronomers and astrologers alike. These series of Blood Moons assists with transmuting the deepest fears held locked within the Root chakra to ignite your birthright of abundance, living vibrantly and passionately elevating our consciousness into new realms of undiscovered horizons known as the Diamond Alignment.

Last spring’s total eclipse was a full Moon in Libra. Now we’re experiencing its opposite, six months later. Eclipses always arrive in series like these, six-months apart, delivering their news over the course of several years.

(1aEclipses are 10 times stronger than regular full Moons, and this one is no exception. Embrace this intense energy letting it guide and inspire your creative journey.

Aries energy can make us feel like infants. We’re made of pure instinct when the first Fire sign of the zodiac reigns. You can balance honest instinct and action in the real world — and get the best out of both. You don’t want to live in fear of your feelings, but you don’t want to have any regrets in the morning either.

So don’t deny your desire — but don’t be a slave to it either. Aries’ mantra is “I AM” so your directive is to be exactly who you are. The fastest way to do that is to own your authentic desire, so let yourself want what you want when you want it.

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