RETURN OF THE RISING SUN; Solar Codes of illumination

As the warmth of the sun slowly starts to be reborn with the celebration of the Ancient Imbolc marking the center point between winter and spring otherwise known as Feb. 2 Groundhogs Day we  witness the dark phase and struggle with the shadow self beginning to dissolves.  A new phase is upon you, one of hope, glory, light and triumph. It is won through boldness, persistence. Even when you felt like giving up, you chose to stay strong, to surrender to the Divine and continue with the path. You have been through much and now, victory is upon you for your inner sun awakens igniting the divine solar child with a new consciousness within you, is born.

As we journey into the depth of our soul, there are many many times we have come face to face with our pain and grief allowing for the wisdom of the lessons to be revealed through our great emotional or physical pain, and spiritually bereft alone and yearning for deeper union, perhaps even wondering if what you seek could be a genuine experience, or is it the stuff of daydreams and fantasies.

During those times of despair and struggle we come back to our hearts, searching for the faith within, searching for signs to support us as we take the long journey down the spiritual birth canal, into Love in even greater expression.


“The wound is the place where the light enters you”


Like the phoenix rising from the ashes this deep rebirth rising of the inner sun awakens burning from within which might take us weeks, months or many many years to birth ourselves over and over again into more of our Divine Essence. Some birthing processes that are deeply profound will feel as though they take most, if not all of our lifetime on this planet to embrace. In this moment the eternal now is birthed.

PLEASE JOIN us for this Divine Transmission either in person or on the crystalline grid;

((((((((fSolar Codes of Illumination


Discover the solar energies as they calibrated and stepped down to a frequency that we are able to handle. Through the etheric web, the grid pattern, thousands of miniature golden – orange balls of light begin descending into your etheric web filling your atomic structure with geometric formation to the degree of light radiance you hold within your grid. Every divine souls shining grid of light is built of such geometric formations that help form our amino acid structure, your protein chain, nerve system and blood system. Every system in our body is penetrated and permeated by these structures with intelligence of these encodements.


This transmission/meditation will foster an enormous ascension acceleration, flowing deeply into your soul and realigning you with your cosmic consciousness awakening your divinity aligning you with the mind of light.

 Kundalini Cosmic & Earth Activation;  

brings in the Solar and Earth energies to synthesis your Light Body integrating and  anchoring it into your physical structure.

Ascension Seats included

Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, Solar Sun, White Lodge of Sirius Mt. Shasta, Giza Plateau

Chambers of Light included;

Sacred Geometry, Transfiguration, Soul Matrix, Crystalline infusion, & the Multidimensional healing & integration


For those joining us in holographic virtual transmission your donation below initiates the process. You’ll receive the Holographic departure details after Donation is made –





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