SEDONA; Beyond the Vortex

Join Charlotte and Peta for the BEYOND THE VORTEX; SEDONA journey of a lifetime; as we step through the illuminated multidimensional doorway and are granted access beyond the Vortex into an Interstellar magical realm. Ignite the divine currents of radiance so you can fully embrace the God/Goddess within. Profoundly explore your Divine roots and discover your cosmic heritage whilst connecting with expansive sacred sites that will elevate your consciousness revealing universally designed wisdom: embodying greater intuitive self-awareness to anchor your fully realized self – awakening the Language of light that infuses you with infinite possibilities.


MAY 25JUNE 1, 2015 

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In addition to being a beautiful and serene place, Sedona is a spiritual power center and the remarkable energy produced from its vortexes, magnetizes people from all over the world for deep rejuvenation, healing and clarity.