ALCHEMY OF THE HEART; Ignite divine bliss, ecstasy and magick…



0000b1As we take a moment to reflect back on the universal theme of the last 3 months being a massive spring cleaning and clearing we see how  our ‘KARMA WITH LOVE, SEX AND THE MYTHIC TWIN FLAME’ have all unfolded, did we embrace  its lessons, gifts and challenges or continue with the game of illusion and denial? Thinking back to our intentions made at the Spring Equinox are they  NOW sprouting and unfolding thought the growing season of the summer?  How have they harvesting or how in gratitude do you feel during this fall season? With the powerful astrological GRAND CROSS activation  this past Summer Solstice our entire BEing was flooded with the divine cosmic love energies with the  realization no matter where we are HOME is truly  in the HEART.

[themecolor]ASCENSION SYMPTOMS[/themecolor]

00evolutionarydance_krystleyezThis constantly building accelerated pace has been transforming our cells and molecule structures right down to the core subatomic particle levels,leaving many dizzy as the energy  spin  faster releasing all the old toxic energy no longer serving or benefiting us – a cosmic spring cleaning indeed is what was defining us collectively along with the Earth Mother herself –  attuning to greater  awareness of just how interconnected, infinite and vast our energetic consciousness is with influencing all living things. We’ve truly experience how every intention set, the actions that follow, with the  words have affected everything from the individual levels to  global. How important Goddess alchemy is, embracing all parts of ourselves and learning from everyone, liberating us through self acceptance as we applying our knowledge together as ONE unified with the cosmic heart of all creation.  As  many hold the awaken energy frequency NOW we still  process continually expanding and  integrating to embodiment while tending to our divine inner gardens – creating a more abundant life filled with the magic of divine power inside and out.

Therefore in order to allow greater emotional freedom to reign we focus on the Alchemy of the HEART the most important organ in our bodies, the core of our physical body structure and spiritual essence. LOVE is the center of our lives with the awakened energy of the spiritual heart the deepest mysteries of life is felt and expressed.


00000a7 When experiencing life with an open heart you have the ability to inspire others, meaningfully and magically touch others, restoring harmony as we transform. The passion of heaven are ignited as your  granted access thought the divine doorways of the cosmic  multidimensional layers with expanded states of knowingness, infinite blessings while awakening the ancient secrets of the Language of Light.  Since everything in life is creative you realize that your always co-creating with the Divine.

This past few months of purging our hearts was the opportunity for liberation from the old scripts allowing for all the hurt or disappointment held inside to be examine with what you didn’t love about yourself –  no longer to be caught up with the past illusions of sexual love which never lasted.  Birthing a deeper understanding through our experiences of love exists beyond sexuality, through self-acceptance and honoring the unique individuality of others while embracing how often they function as a mirror reflecting the unseen aspects of our deeper self –  to become WHOLE- BEINGS. It is now safe for you to open your heart.

Love is now based on freedom, not expectation or need; it begins to lift you up on its wings elevating you higher towards the stillness, compassion and peace – the higher octaves of LOVE. Ecstasy erupts in a sacred sexual alchemical infusion of bliss as the eternal Twin Flame is born and materialized anchoring the Divine Holy Trinity.



“Sex is the seed, love is the flower, and compassion is the fragrance.” 




The great quake of Japan in  March 2011, accelerated the speed of the earth 1 tenth of a second being enough to fully activate the HEART of every BEing on the planet shifting us cellular elevating our consciousness and energetic structure along with the Earths for according to Hermetic Laws of; So Above, so below, we all change together – resulting in many souls experiencing a variety of  emotions associate with the heart;  grief, heart ache, palpitations, rage, resistance to love, worthiness and fear while others were experiencing a greater sense of love, unity, stillness and ONEness. Leaving many to ponder and question, seeking resolve, refuge or relief from the wild roller coaster ride.

In honor of this divine dispensation of cosmic energy in fluxing our planet and souls at this Summer Solstice of 2011, we ask you to take another look introducing yourself to the dysfunctional archetype (or shadow side/not integrated aspect) of the Heart The ACTOR/ACTRESS and the functional archetype (embraced light side/enjoying the wonderment of love) being the LOVER.

0000fhartpowerWe are all born with open hearts and as we mature and grow with our lives, sometimes getting entangled with the webs of illusion, Maya or glamor we separate off from the eternal presence of love – closing down our hearts, overprotecting our innocence, purity, and joy – feeling defensive and vulnerable to the harsh reality of others’ projections of fear and negativity. Leading us unfortunately into an ICE-olated frozen state where we lose our capacity to trust. What we most long for and desire is left unavailable – we are starving for love –  trying everything  to fill the void from overworking, serial dating, drugs, sex or overeating – constantly looking for something or someone to plug into to quench the thirst – creating an energy vampire.  Oh sure we can pretend to be sophisticated and act like it doesn’t matter but deep in our hearts we know the truth – it’s the only thing that really matters and there’s no substituting to cover its loss.

Instead of overcoming the grief buried  we stay suited up in our battle gear continuing to fight shielding ourselves in a warrior stances afraid of further exposure – to what if we get hurt again ? – only adding to the deep reservoir of pain already stored, playing at love by not being aware of the damage it causes veiled by the darker feelings hidden under agendas of power and dominance – never to experiencing real intimacy just massive resistance  to love and being loved by another.    Going through life ‘ACTING’ like everything is cool, acting nice or playing sweet but really escaping the inner reality with detaching should anyone come too close. The ACTOR/ACTRESS avoids bonding by acting out its conflicts in tension and drama only distancing itself, never exposing its true feelings – professing love but always from a safe distance? LOVE becomes a mental exercise rather than a true function of the heart and intimacy, when someone dares to come close to its vulnerable core – alarms sound, warning bells go off and an immediate LOCK DOWN  erupts into holding back, tension,  becoming argumentative with a variety of Operation Navy S.E.A.L.Tactics come into equation.

These tormenting games played by the [themecolor]ACTOR/ACTRESS[/themecolor]  is  frustrating and painful to witness watching the push-pull energy – building a fortress of knowledge around itself shielding in the event some imaginary invasion or threat may materialize.  Constantly focusing intently in anticipation of being hurt and alone – causing damage to those who mistake its seductive charm for love yet drawing many who are able to give love – but always on guard over its closed heart.  The real shame being  is how it continues harboring deep resentment, anger and hostility- buried inside – never being free remaining blocked only to diminish its life force and beauty while blaming everyone else  to continue repeating the patterns over and over and over again.

Make no mistake the ACTOR/ACTRESS wants it, needing it desperately, but absolutely terrified of letting their defenses down for further exposure instead always hoping that someone cares enough to climb over the fortress walls breaking them free from it’s painful prison of the emotional abyss of existence – to heal its wounds, easing its pain, being looked after yet never to offer love in return.

0000covers10It needs to do what it longs the most: dare to open up, risk allowing the powerful energies of love to purify and humble it. Taking full ownership and responsibility, dropping its defenses and shallow facsimiles of love dissolving the walls built around it, allowing freedom to reign in a more fulfilling life, sparking creativity, sacred love and sex with real intimate connections a birthright of abundance.One of the best ways to assist the ACTOR/ACTRESS begin expressing itself – is to Sing.You don’t need to be Pavarotti or Lady Gaga even a shower performance will do,but the sheer act of singing allows for the raw power behind the emotions to be given a voice.

When those old familiar sensation of anxiety or fear  start creeping in  –    PAUSE    –    remembering simply that we are all mirror images to one other reflecting the hidden emotions already held inside.  So you  [themecolor] B R E A T H[/themecolor]  Allow your emotional responds to guide you, is this the next shadow wound to be transmute or a lesson learnt –  receiving the gift of Divine Grace and an understanding HEART.For when you come in contact with a soul who hasn’t embodied to the degree you have, you have the GRACE to understand them not judge them, however that soul has no way of accepting or understanding you unless they open themselves up and learn to integrate it within themselves – their Divine Sacred Temple. I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you.


“We are all light bulbs, just at different voltages”

Sai Baba, Cosmic Christ Avatar


00000a12Since all relationships are a reflection of us by taking ownership and responsibility at all times, an Alchemical Synergistic Energy is ignited and SILENCE prevails, you live in Divine Truth – becoming more radiant, filling up with a luminescence.You see the BEAUTY of the wounds and a DIVINE GRACE emanates around you with understanding the messages from within –  listening NOW to the Divine Intelligences of your Body and Mind of Light – taking all your ques from the now blissful divine director inside.You become a RAY of LIGHT shining from within the raising of the Inner Sun and beyond inspiring all whom you encounter with your SOLAR ANGELIC presence, anchoring HEAVEN by becoming a conduit of the Divine Current – actualizing Spirit BEcoming Matter.

[themecolor]You become the ma- STAR- piece you were created to BE.[/themecolor]