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So let’s talk about these 6 planets about to go Retrograde. The Cosmic knock out punch 😜🥊🎯
Major changes on the horizon, with a heavity side dish of karma is served. 🤸‍♀️ so BE READY
. .
This inverted horizontal swirl🌀 of this EPIC retrograde release deep from within the embedded energy patterns, limitations ready to go. Rebooting and upgrading you into aligning and putting you back on track. These energy are intense and its easy to get all caught up with the emotion tsunami, triggers, and tempers flaring.
Take a moment and B R E A T H 🌐 dont forget to remind yourself how far you’ve come and where you are going. We are ALL ♨ELEVATING, EVOLVING growing in awareness and consciousness.
Its time to OWN it so you BEcome it. Everything you need is already within you. Let your LIGHT shine even through the madness, your authenticity will guide the way. 🍃Honor your friends, lovers, family, co- workers they all going through this sh*t.
🌱You are worthy, may you find clarity and be open to the divine wisdom of that which is in alignment for highest purpose/version of your Soul. May you find the strength, courage & flexibility to flow through and adapt with this new energy whatever the surprises, shake ups have you land.
May the odds be in your favor as 6 planets go Retrograde
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