PURE PRESENCE OF THE SOUL; Ignite your Soul, Transform your life


Mastery is only gained through self-conscious effort, one must apply it to get results, just wishing won’t do it.

– St. Germaine


 Do you feel a presence? That presence is not your mind; but is your Soul. The mind might be lost in contemplation, wonder or daydreaming as the  inner dialogue happens in the presence of the soul. So let’s instead  take a  few moments to just become aware… [themecolor]B R E A T H[/themecolor] in through your nose and exhale with the Oja breath from Yoga – through the mouth this breath which makes you say Ahhhhh! as you release that which no longer serves you – in this moment.  Breath consciousness into every part of your body.

[themecolor]PURE SOUL EXPRESSION – Ignite your Soul, Transform your life![/themecolor]

Thoughts come and go, feelings wash over you and go. The molecules of the body come and go. But they come and go in this presence. The eternal now of this moment. This presence, the soul, recycles itself as your memories, your moods, energy, and even your personality, because you don’t have the same personality today that you had when you were 7 years of age, or when you were 17.

You personality is an expression of the evolving universe; the manifested aspect of God embodied,  that is constantly changing, growing, evolving, transforming. Grounding the energy into conscious awareness that you are a temple an ashram made up of iamp1212intricate energy that together align with Source – anchoring the I AM PRESENCE.

Who is going through this experience? The real you-the you that we call pure consciousness, the field of intelligence, the inner self, the soul, the spirit, the infinite consciousness, the divine spark that is the Being within you.

If you get in touch with this presence, if you really become intimate with it because it’s your own inner self, then you will know experimentally, without anybody telling you, that this presence was there before you were born, and it will be there after you die just as each moment is birthed and dies into the next moment.

You inspire others just by being you, by being in your presence in the moment. No words need to be expressed as all is revealed through energy , vibration and frequency.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your full presence.