0moonWith this full moon gateway also being a penumbral eclipse the Earth will be between the sun & moon causing the moon to move through the Earth’s shadow instead of the reflecting the light of the Sun…creating a propensity for tension between the sexes & a sense of feeling eclipsed by the dark such as past pain & lower emotions. A truest sense of the dark night of the soul releasing all that’s been swept under the rug.  

A touch of madness can go with the territory of this powerful shift happening week of the fall with a full moon eclipse, apex of the Uranus Pluto square and mercury retrograde.

Get your clarity back! 

Let’s reclaim our sacred roots, clear, grounding, and strengthen  in receiving the Sound Harmonics in deeper connection with the crystalline core heart center of the Mother Earth.    


The push-pull fireworks between Pluto and Uranus  are  part of a three year cycle that began in 2012, and these next few days October 17-November 15  are considered the most intense dates of this cycle. A divine offering of experiencing  the breakdown you’ve been putting off – embrace it, don’t resist it as you’ll shed some of the deepest wounds releasing the garment of flesh for a body of light  revealing a new & magical self slicing through the illusion and glamor of the 3rd dimension just as  Excalibur – the sword of truth is so revered for.
On the journey towards WHOLENESS we must embrace both our light and our dark swept under the carpet aspect. In becoming  HOLY – whole in darkness and whole in light.

Everything is in divine and perfect order!