[themecolor]THE SACRED REVEAL OF BEING  MULTIDIMENSIONAL; You are a Sacred Site[/themecolor][themecolor]

0sacredgEverything you’ve ever wanted to experience, know and embrace is within You, you are an intricate web of light, an ashram a temple of light that is  syncronistically aligned with the WHOLE of the universe known as the MACROcosm reflective of your body of light that is the MICROcosm. As your soul becomes more visible anchoring your FULL presence into your  physically body structure you begin to radiate shining forth a new shift in conscious awareness of your vibrational frequency in the Eternal NOW. To step into a deeper connection  with your physical body or temple of light let’s visualize your sacred  inner TREE OF LIFE.

Visualize your roots spreading out deep into the center of the Earth across the planetary hologram raising your hands upwards to the sky elevating your conscious awareness now in alignment with the planets, grounding  ourselves deeper into and across the parallel hologram of our planet in all is brilliant  multiple realities that we’ve been hearing about, sensing, feeling and seeing.

 treeoflifeholygrailAscension really is about Descending bring Heaven to Earth, as the consciousness evolves  and expanding into multidimensionality  it becomes clear that this is now about becoming TRANS DIMENSIONALLY aware; across, above, below, and on all sides in the giant circle, spiraling out the shape of every galaxy and every cell, molecule and  subatomic particle emitting Love and Light.

Let us welcome all the parallels and dimensions Of Gaia as we step across the veil shifting dimensionally recognizing that the Earth has arrived! Her harmonic resonance in a new vibration arriving within the re-patterning and resetting of the planet at a new station. Just as  the astrologically signs have also elevated into  their highest expression so has Gaia!

Take these next moments in the eternal now to just feel, embrace, energize allowing the Divine Flow of the new harmonic octaves of our multidimensionality selves and all of our bodies the beautiful temples of light the ashrams that you are awaken all that we are which is enormous and trace the new sacred geometry or Diamond Gaia-ometry of Light into this new Tree of Life – experiencing the vastness of who you are with  the conscious expansion elevating your awareness into the infinite eternity connecting into all that is.

ReceptivenessA profound piece is that there is no personal ascension but a multidimensional one as we are all connected to everything there is no personal aspects of God is Ascending;  God is taking us along for the ride!  You are ascending and how you ascend effects the whole of the cosmos in all its entirety.

[themecolor]The Altar of the HEART[themecolor][/themecolor]

Take a deep breath and bringing your awareness and your focus to the sacred chamber within your heart: the holy of holies realizing that you have a heart within a heart within a heart revealing the divine spark that is you,  an altar which houses your sacred expression, it is your Ark of the Covenant. As you travel across the globe, throughout your life, to sacred sites or vortex’s  reclaiming the fragmented aspects of yourself your heart elevates in alignment with your  vibrational frequency and atomic structure igniting your soul,  anchor and  honoring the sacred wisdom hidden in plain sight that;

[themecolor]YOU ARE THE SACRED SITE[/themecolor]

The sacred sites of the globe open up to you in a multidimensional / trans-dimensional fashion in accordance to your vibratory rate, depending on your specific frequency;  when visiting these sacred sites across the globe you receive an energetic gift or divine transmission (silence) that reveals itself in the coming days, weeks and months of your visit gift to further awaken your Divine self, raising your harmonic resonances.

[themecolor]If you wish to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy. -Tesla[/themecolor]

Clearly anyone with malice intent would also receive a divine transmission in portion to their souls awareness and understanding. Napoleon once spent a night in the original pyramid in Giza only to run out in the morning, berserk, and raving like a madman. Clearly that pyramid did not agree with Napoleon’s personal ideals. The invisible realms awaken the inner mysteries that is deeply embedded in your DNA awakening the sleeping Stellar consciousness  Divinity codes  speeding up your cells and molecules making more room to anchor your full presence merging Heaven on Earth – the Hermetic principal with the MICROcosm within the MACROcosm.