LIFE RESTORED; Divine Resurrection

Spiritual resurrection is gifted to you now as you have come a long way in your journey. No it hasn’t been easy, but you have made it through. Acknowledge for just a moment, the strength and courage that you have discovered within you as your Life Restored brings the message that a trauma, ending, struggle, or apparent defeat is not the end of the story for you now. See how much you have grown over this time, slowly blossoming into who you are today.
###1aWhat may appear to be an ending can sometimes simply be the forces of the Ancient Wisdom flowing into new pathways, pulling energy away from from old forms so that they can transition into new forms. As we remember that energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed.
Hold your head high and feel proud of who you are. Your guides and angels are certainly proud of you! You hard work and determination over this lifetime has brought you here today. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, And although your journey is far from over, you have come much farther that most.
Embrace this down pouring of the River of Light that flows through you filling you with life force, divine energy and innate wisdom igniting your brilliance. As your spiritual connection to Source is stronger now that it has ever been. Trust in it, flow in it and shine in it!
This is also a time of manifesting your highest will, stepping onto your path with confidence in what you are here to do, and how you you embrace hopes, wishes, and dreams coming true. The true greatness of who you are is ready to express itself fully. Experience true empowerment, deep heart-felt connection with others, magnetic clarity and peace.

Join us in person at
GERALDO’S PAVILION in La Salle Park in Burlington
50 North shore Blvd
Burlington, ON L7T 4J8

Calling in the five directions; North, South, East, West and your Heart center opening sacred space to surrendering and release any fear of being reborn into Life, letting go negativity, toxicity or death like energies or attachments that have drained you, or kept you locked in old traumas.
Awakening and strengthening your manifestation powers with the world of form, allowing your Soul to take shape and ignite your healing gifts. Stepping thorugh a profound inner gateway birthing into your new life restored and resurrected.

Charka Light Infusion,
Platinum Ray Yod Energization,
Soul Infusion

Great White Lodge on Sirius
Golden Chamber of Melchizedek,
Solar Core,

Diamond Soul Activation & Ignition of Abundance creativity,

“Discovery of your own soul’s myth is a vital part of your healing and reawakening”