Aloha Family of Light !

One’s reality depends greatly upon the levels at which one chooses to receive as you awaken your multidimensionality you awaken the heaven within.   You awaken the part of you that is a star, the part that is divine. Igniting the fragment of you that exists within the higher dimensional realms; unifying your spirit, body in soul wholeness, the highest vibration and source energy.

This past  Aquarius Blue Moon has brought to our awareness the gift of aligning with our soul’s purpose or if we are still being driven by limited ego needs and desires. This moon says; its NOW OR NEVER! Your life has a greater purpose and we are all asked at this time to contribute to the greater good of humanity in whichever way we are guided to. There is no contribution that is too small.

Its rather easy to shine in the light but to glow in the dark…that’s mastery! – UNKNOWN

Each of us desires to live. It is our birthright.  It is a time to come together and meditate to clear and cleanse the heart and body of Mother Earth, ourselves with the Majesty of the star Universe.  As we do so, we cleanse and clear our own emotional body igniting the divine intelligence of the Planetary/Stellar consciousness deeply ingrained within each of us. As we unite with like-minded people and co-create projects, environments that honor all of life and Mother Earth. Use the technology that the Aquarian Age, the Pleiadians, Sirians & Artcurians have gifting us to preserve and care for the resources that have been allowed to us to evolve as the human family we are, to become the brightest family of light in our universe.  This requires our FAITH within ourselves and the divine plan.

Within each sentient being is a microcosm of ALL THAT IS. Within this microcosm, there is a repeated patterning of seven basic chakra-type functions. These chakra’s work interdependently with the multidimensional roles in Creation. As Creation is physically actualized in the third dimension and grounded in the first & second dimensions via its mineral components and etheric body. There is also an essence connection, and a translator and organizer of energy that unites all systems. This transmission will work with these planets, stars and cosmic bodies relative to those specific functions and how they interrelate with the microcosm of the universe that you are. Each of your organs, tissues, molecules and cell structure are a direct reflection of the stellar universe and planets. As above, so below, so within the soul, so within the universe.
To anchor this powerful elemental force let us reclaim our divine sacred roots by visiting the crystal caves of Gaia, awakening our inner caverns of sacred geometry, mystery and transcendence as we link the pineal gland with the center of the Majesty of the Milky Way (the portal between galaxy, all other galaxies, the Great Central Sun and GOD/DESS/ALL THAT IS) and link our Perineum to the Earth Kundalini  (impulse to remember your power to create your own reality, heal yourself and to literally restructure and destructure your form to move through dimensions, time and beyond time and space.  As above so Below so within the Soul , so within the Universe.




Activation, Meditation & Transmission

AUG 3 – 730pm
La Salle Park, Burlington 50 Lakeshore Rd.
Geraldo’s Terrace  (rain or shine)

Ignite your Divine birthright of joy, passion courage greater intuitive awareness anchoring the paradise grids, sacred key codes of the Divine Feminine Mother Goddess, Lemuria, and Crystal Skull illumination

Lite up from within, star wisdom -ignited, passionate and awake – -you are a living temple, your body holds higher realms of consciousness. More aligned with your innate magnitude and beauty.

Experience burning  into the powerful magic of transcending lower vibrational toxic energy within your aura, body and hologram to ignite your brilliance.


As you bathe in and absorb the deepest of frequencies  you will feel and sense a profound change, magnetic clarity,  happening within yourself because you will be reconnecting with your Divine Self.

As we move up the ascension spiral to a heightened sense of wellness and aligning your inner temple with your divinity, your joy, your awakening and your enlightenment.

Chambers of Light, Planatary/Stellar Alignment Akashic Energetic clearing, Diamond Alignment,  Language of Light Transmissions, Merkaba, Chakra Infusion, Sacred Diamond Geometries, fire letters, key codes and the Language of Light transmissions.
For those joining us in holographic virtual transmission your donation below initiates the process. You’ll receive the Holographic departure details after Donation is made –

or in personal at

(rain or shine)

Geraldo’s Terrace
Suggested Donation of $20