The Great Transformation of Man;

As this last week of Scorpio closes up it has been a tremendous amount of purging happening all around us and within us. If you wish to see the signs in the heavens and on the earth of a super-energy system of evolution and healing – all you need to do is sharpen your focus shifting your perception to within. For within the body lies a myriad of galaxies and we must recognize as our ancestors did, that our body is truly a living microcosms as well as a macrocosms. (01

Do you know how beautiful you truly are? It is time to stop hiding from the world. The Universe is calling you. You have so much to give. This is a reminder for you to see who and what you truly are. You are part of the One, beautiful and perfect in every way. When you hide yourself you are withholding, not only your energy – but your L O V E. Love for yourself and love for others. Embrace yourself and all your quirks – we all have them! Let yourself be free and S H I N E.

The blueprint of evolutionary change is being activated.

Do not be satisfied by the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.


07-11-2008 09;25;07AM

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of love I received from all you beautiful souls for the passing of my beloved girl Sushi,   gifting me with 13 magical years. You made a difference and with your support together, collectively we became stronger.