DIAMOND SOLAR WISDOM; Star gate Activation

It has become so clear that we cannot expand into our fullest potential unless taking responsibility for identifying & nurturing our needs is first. Our strength is our love for ourselves, so by reclaiming our divine sacred roots, and making a sacred space for ourselves it  initiates, electrifies and anchors our soul’s evolution and growth.

(akim1We each have a choice as to which future we are a part of – one where we continue to hand over our personal power out of fear or one where we stand in our truth as multidimensional kundalini awakened beings.

The Diamond Light Matrix is the energetic structure that holds all the codes of the Divine Blueprint. We each have our own energetic matrix of diamond light linking us with the Divine Blueprint of the Universe/Source. Once ignited these cosmic encodings transmit and awaken the sacred knowledge from the Diamond Realms of Light and Illumination through the  Sacred Sound Harmonics of the Music of the Sphere’s bridging us between realities beyond the barriers and veils of illusion to the New Earth Templates and Key codes.


This meditation/transmission is further ignited by the dynamic energy of the Solar Eclipse while uniting the energy present from the past Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse  assisting you in awakening  your multidimensional self allowing deep healing, self-realizations and magnetic clarity to happen, open new doorways of consciousness and awareness which lies dormant within your DNA.

 You will receive the powerful gifts of the two unique vibrational signatures of the  Flower of Life and the Merkaba Vehicle of Light united at the Zero Point, installation of the Diamond Dodecahedron activation of the 13 chakras, sacred OM& Crystalline Activation with the powerful crystals assisting with the acceleration of the upcoming initiations during the Solar Eclipse. You will also feel your entire DNA Sacred Geometry structure being transfigured into the Diamond crystalline frequency.


Experience burning  into the powerful magic of transcending lower vibrational toxic energy within your aura, body and hologram to ignite your brilliance.