logo2aEver wonder what your pet is trying to say to you? Believe it or not, it really isn’t just that “I’m hungry” or “I have to go to the bathroom!” Animals big and small are such a gift to us, they heal, teach, dazzle, entertain, play,watch our children and make us laugh ; not to mention   they are there for us in times of sickness, sadness, sorrow and transformation, or simply  to referee or  break up any family arguments. They help us with our journey of discovery, and show us the meaning of unconditional love.

[themecolor]Anyone who says Diamonds are a girls best friend, NEVER had a dog! – Unknown[/themecolor]


0000a12Animals are  like incarnated angels that have been sent on assignment to help us grow emotional expand in consciousness with awareness, they ignite our hearts and watch out for us. How true is it, that our animals begin to look like us after a while ( note all those brilliant past Fido commercials) ? After seeing thousands of cases, one of the most astounding discoveries  is how at least 80% to 85% of the time, our pets have the exact same issues as us, whether it’s health problems   or emotional insecurities.
Animals teach us so much but do we pay as much attention? As we embrace a  deeper connection and understanding with our furry companions together  it helps to elevate not only your healing abilities but  overcoming communication breakdown  opening your heart to infinite possibilities.They entice us to play & exercise, watch our kids, and really become a part of the family.  All of you who have ever suffered the emotional heartbreak of losing a pet know this all too well.

[themecolor]It has been said that we rescue animals; but has it ever occurred to you that they truly rescue  us?[/themecolor]

100_1219They take us on a journey of self discovery amazing us with  some truly  hilarious and heart felt adventures. Over the years  while talking with the animals – from a French squirrel asking for directions, horses requesting salsa music, the ever dramatic Larry the Loach, Archie the Rooster or the life saving acts of a beloved cat – it has all lead back to the same part! The healing of the heart igniting the language of love.


So come explore with me at the Ottawa Pet Expo Nov 9 and 10 some of the remarkable, amazing, and loving messages your pets have for you! For tickets and information visit