DIAMOND STAR WINTER SOUL-istice; Cosmic Pryamid

Are you ready to evolve to the next level. Its no secret that 2014 was a year of intense rapid change and transfiguration in preparation for it all coming together for the magnificent unveiling of 2015.  With the spiritual season of the Winter Solstice upon us this year we experience the added breakthroughs in bursting forth the necessary insights, revelations, realizations, and illuminations of the way forward with the 6th out of 7th URANUS PLUTO SQUARES to be exact on Dec 15th.  Representing a Freedom from the known to discover new horizons, adventure and divine alignment with our higher self.

((Now is the time that we are all being asked to step up & stretch ourselves beyond the old ways of doing things, beyond our ego’s comfort zone  into the new frequencies of 13 which spirals the energy upward elevating our consciousness and expanding in our awareness our diamond Light body emerges in full presence.

It has become so clear that we cannot expand into our fullest potential unless taking responsibility for identifying & nurturing our needs is first. Our strength is our love for ourselves, so by reclaiming our divine sacred roots, and making a sacred space for ourselves initiates, electrifies and anchors our soul’s evolution and growth.


This Great transformation of Man will uncover the treasures within breakthrough to the next chapter of your life. We will be igniting the manifestation magic of allowing miracles to happen by not only becoming a temple of light but actualizing Heaven on Earth.

You become the maSTARpiece you were created to be!

Gateways-By-KrystleyezThose encodings are awaiting each of us to access and activate. It can be activated by anchoring it through all of your multidimensional bodies with the Light body 7 Earth Merkaba through to the 9th dimension building your body of light with pure intention spinning it gently in and around your body. Once activated, the energetic structure of the Diamond Light Matrix is seen spinning, a radiating diamond shaped light force appearing like an eight-sided (octagonal) prism, more elongated than cuboid unfolding  the codes held within each of your cells and DNA.

These Soul Codes will enable you to undergo a huge leap of evolutionary consciousness, Light Language transmissions with its own divine intelligence anchoring into your true divine essence of pure love and light.  You become the new myth emerging like a radiant blossoming flower as each petal of your true essence unfolds through the power of your intention and sacred love heart -centeredness.



The Diamond Light Matrix is the energetic structure that holds all the codes of the Divine Blueprint. We each have our own energetic matrix of diamond light linking us in unity AS ABOVE, SO BELOW with the Divine Blueprint of the Universe/Source. Once ignited these cosmic encodings transmit and awaken the sacred knowledge from the Diamond Realms of Light and Illumination through the
Sacred Sound Harmonics of the Music of the Sphere’s bridging us between realities beyond the barriers and veils of illusion to the New Earth Templates and Key codes.

***TUESDAY***  DEC 16 – 730pm 

This transmission/meditation will foster an enormous ascension acceleration, flowing deeply into your soul and realigning you with your cosmic consciousness.  


Chambers of Light included;

Sacred Geometry, Transfiguration, Soul Matrix, Crystalline infusion, & the Multidimensional healing & integration   

Experience burning  into the powerful magic of transcending lower vibrational toxic energy within your aura, body and hologram to ignite your brilliance. You will also feel your entire DNA Sacred Geometry structure being transfigured into the Diamond crystalline frequency.