KARMIC MAGIC; How much Faith do you have?

How much faith do you really have? Often we will say that we have faith, until life starts to get out of whack and things fall apart. Its easy to have faith when everything is running smoothly, but what about when it doesn’t go as planned? Its hard to remain strong in faith when nothing seems to be going as you’d hoped.
)This is exactly what faith is. Faith is about trusting Spirit, especially in those times when everything seems as though its going wrong. Spirit is asking you to have a bit more faith and trust. Being Human means our point-of-view is limited and understanding is skewed and one-sided. But from the viewpoint of the Universe everything is in Divine and perfect order. Everything is exactly how it should be and needs to be, to help you move to your rightful place on your path.“Sometimes things need to fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marylin Monroe

Do not pull back your energy and trust because things are not working out the way you thought they would. It may not feel good, but you have to honor the wisdom of Spirit and the outcomes that are arriving. This 3rd and final in a series of Super full moon asks us to especially mindful of not perpetuating karmic patterns, by behaving in a way that escalates drama as this moon falls into Pisces which rules the 12th house, governing karma. Karma being the universal law of cause & effect. 

It also conjunct Chiron, the planetoid of the universal healer. Chiron helps us to identify the ways we have grown from our wound. So this full moon is a powerful window to identify the patterns of behavior which have kept us bound in a negative bonding dance with others, so we can take steps to change the dance!  
So if you feel triggered by old wounds surfacing, embrace the opportunity to feel and express old pain – knowing it is time to let it go. Pisces is the last sign in the astrological mandala, so you may confront emotional endings during this lunar month. The more we accept the inevitability of change and feel the loss of what was, the more available we will be to new opportunities for happiness. 

Know it is perfect, it is for your best and highest good. B  R  E  A  T H, and trust what is. Allow yourself to let go, even if only a little at first, of any expectations you have. As this is about restoring faith, but not just in Spirit. Its about resorting faith in yourself, in your abilities, in your choices and in your heart. Its about restoring your faith in your fellow human and mankind as a whole. Some of the human experiences you’ve had have damaged your trust and faith. Spirit is holding out their hand to , but it is up to you to find the faith within and to take hold of it. Regardless, of whether you do or not, spirit is by your side every step of the way.