INFINITY DOWNLOAD; Merging with the Higher Self

[themecolor]WINTER SOUL-istice Sacred Gateway; Birth of your Divine Child[/themecolor]

  Through these increased Light frequencies and New Earth Templates, we are  NOW  experiencing a blending of Earthly and Spiritual dimensions, manifesting as the balance. in WHOLENESS.  Throughout the Fall many of you have  experienced a thawing out of raw emotional wounds held hostage in  ICE-olated, separating you from your true divine gift of illumination.  Many have  been experiencing tremendous energy shifts, elevating  states of consciousness, rolling pains, complete and utter exhaustion, Ascension Symptoms, new visions yet leaving many feeling uncertain and confused.

As a huge ‘Thank You’ for all the support you have extended towards me in the last years I would love to share with you at this Sacred Gateway and on my birthday the [themecolor]Divine Sacred Union Transmission ‘Diamond Infinity’ [/themecolor] 

This transmission is to ‘transmit’ to you a gateway to experience Divine Union or  otherwise known as the Sacred Marriage within your body, heart, mind and soul. By guiding your consciousness to receive and reach for the Divine Human & New Earth Template. As above, so below.

0portalDuring the night of the Winter Solstice I will be at a crystal bowl paste gong ceremony unfolding the transmission from within that sacred space; let us enter the Alchemical Chambers of Light as we open a gateway for Masculine/Feminine God forces to merge, dance, and spiral ever deeper into your Sacred temple known as the BODY. This is not a meditation, but a key turning in a lock that activates the primal forces of evolution – and evolution that is inevitable.

  If you seek to awaken coming into perfect balance and enlightenment through only searching upwards –  in the direction of your guides and angels, the higher dimensions, cosmos  and star people,  you will not succeed in coming into the required state of consciousness. You become top heavy, with over-developed disorganized higher chakras and energy.

NEVER has it been so imperative as the ever present infinite NOW –  That the true magnificent gift of GROUNDING is revealed.

This final season of 2013 leads us into a major realignment process that involves the retrogrades of all three lower body rulers, Venus, Mercury and Mars, one after the other. It’s a time for coming into true harmony with one Self.

Please join us for a special edition of “Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic Radio show on Tuesday Dec 24 as our Travel guru puts yours truly in the hot seat and we transmit a very powerful ‘  Winter SOUL-stice Gateway Transmission’ leaving you expanded in your vastness while anchored within higher Self;  your vibrant I AM Presence.




In the name I AM that I AM, we call forth the diamond crystalline pillars of Light to anchor and surround this Sacred Space as a Diamond Star Ashram of Light Synthesis through and around our aura, body and hologram, so above, so below, so within, so without.  We also call forth the Planetary, Spiritual, Cosmic and Galactic Spiritual Hierarchies and Celestial Realms of Light to anchor the Diamond Geometries of Light, Key Codes and Fire Letters.  The Cosmic Rays through the Ascension Seats of Shamballa and our Solar Sun Helios and Vesta with the Solar Encodment of initiation and consciousness with the new Cosmic Pyramid activations for our 13 bodies and Chakras of Light to become ONE Unified Diamond Light.


00000000000000000000merkabaAs we open up to receive the New Platinum Flower of Life, the highest expressions of our Planetary and Personal Merkaba Fields, with Metatron’s Cube and the Sri Yantra, take a deep breath and focus on your perineum centre that activates your Master Cells – Breath in and feel the initiation as each cell, molecule and atom structure attune and vibrate to the Diamond Star Consciousness. Sending this vibration as a tube of Platinum light grounding into the Crystalline  core Heart centre of  Mother Earth  – with the assistance of Deva’s of the Earth Plane, Pan, Archangel Sandlaphon connecting us into the Christ Consciousness Unity Grid.

[themecolor]INVOCATION [/themecolor]


B R E A T H  – inhaling and;


In the name I AM that I AM We call forth and establish connection with the universal Merkaba and field of energy identified with the power the love, the will of the highest God and creator of our universe,


We call forth and connect with the Galactic field of energy including the consciousness fields of the Inter-stellar, inter-dimensional beings of light who are assisting the Earth Evolution,


We call forth and connect with the consciousness of Planet Earth and the highest expression of your planetary Merkabah including the Divine Templates Energy Encodment that are carried through your ascending field of energy,


We call forth the Elohim Lords of Light especially those responsible for the DNA coded Blueprint of the human Biological and energetic structures,  also calling forth those Elohim who focus with our individuals Merkaba vehicles of Light,


We next call forth and recognize our ONE group Merkaba and the ascending group consciousness force field on this Planetary body,


We call forth all aspects of our Souls’ self’s, all souls’ extensions , Monad of our group I AM PRESENCE to be merged with us here and now,


We call forth the cosmic councils of light supporting and overseeing Earth Evolution including the Order of Melchizedek, the Order of Metatron and the Order of Michael the consciousness of Earths physical Sun, Planet Venus and the Holy Kumara’s the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, the Light and the Activity of Shamballa and the Great hosts of Ascendant Masters,


We call forth the conscious fields of the planetary crystalline grid, all of the earth Master Crystals, Pyramids,  the Planetary Etheric Retreats and the Cities of Light, The Ascension Portals, Vortex’s  and Activating Stargate.


We call in the Legions of Angles including the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Thorne Angles,


Please take some moments now and call in  your guides and teacher everyone you personally acknowledge and all your guidance systems,


Beloved holy ones, come, come, come with your Divine Intervening Systems, support us to make our collective  quantum leap in evolutionary intelligent,


Thought our group intention and the vibration of Sacred Sound we are entering together into the Holy of the Holies – the inner Sanctum. The Supreme presences of our Creator,


Begin breathing with the heart pulse of Earth’s unified field – opening up to receive the wisdom, power of will, sacred diamond geometries of Light, fire letters, key codes,


I am the Holy Trinity,


I serve as the Divine Human,


The Christ of God,


All One All Mighty I AM, All Mighty I Am, All Mighty I Am.


Now Feeling the highest expression of your Diamond Soul Shining bright we ask to be surrounded in a Divine LOVE Re-calibration Chamber of Light infuses us with a down pouring of Divine Love and Light with  the Christed, Buddha, Melchizedek, archetypes, attributes and energies, B R E A T H in deeply as you feel the illuminating energy  heal and seal all wounds in all directions of time, space,  parallel universes on all the multi-dimensional planes of existence and inner planes, all cause core record and effect as you take another Deep clearing B R E A T H full of  Divine  L O V E that you have not allowed yourself to receive in these past weeks as feeling  the elevation in consciousness, expanding in your awareness,


Now as you embrace the expansion take another deep clearing B R E A T H feeling the pulsation and activations of the initiations anchoring throughout your beautiful homo-luminescence body, aura and hologram sending now all of these incredible energies into the centre of the Earth,


See it going to all the Elements, Kingdoms, every sentient being, all of your guides and teachers , and straight to the GODHEAD – letting them know that a human loves them,


AND as you feel the divine ecstasy energies  returned to you in the INFINITY symbol we welcome the 7 Golden Orbs  of Light full of the New Earth Templates and Metatronic Science flowing down and anchoring into each of your 12 chakra replacing all of your God crystals illuminating and spinning as they become one UNIFIED Chakra of Diamond Light,


Feeling your connection to the New Era, anchored in Diamond consciousness and light release the old tube of light for a new Platinum one to the Crystalline Core Heart centre of mother Earth and awaken with the New Eyes of the New Age.


And So it is, So it is, so it is.


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

As ever we are humbled by your presence in our lives and look towards celebrating the infinite possibilities of expansion welcoming the New Era towards our Greatness in ONEness