00000a1HA new vision and understanding of RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE  and SOUL VISIBILITY anchor; where you both shine and inspire so much by personal example; that you  tempt  others to have the courage to connect to their true self and live happily ever after

It may be shaky at first taking these first raw steps opening up with new eyes but as we continue coming into stillness during the Winter Season, a Magnetic clarity arises.


[themecolor]“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”. – RUMI[/themecolor]


Feel the cosmic fuel launching the new beginnings ahead as the new world emerges; lifting the  veil to reveal  new perspectives, patterns, and energy that were previously not available to you.


 Lets see what we can create for 2014!



The true time to plant the seeds of your intention is actually  at the Spring Equinox –

the Astrological New Year – so take these next few months to embrace the silence, honor and pamper yourself as this New Beginning  is the time true magic awakens.