SOUL INFUSION; Aligning with the World's Chakra's


Isn’t just about us Ascending – every single Sentient Being, Animal, the Earth Mother our Solar Ring, Galaxy and Universe is also Ascending.

To imagine the vastness of this can at  be beyond overwhelming . Yet, the purpose of ascension is for the field and form to become increasingly infiltrated with light and consequentially soul infused – Egyptian Alchemist taught this with the building of the body of light known as the (Ka) body with that of the (Khat) or the physical body.

By aligning our Chakra’s with those sacred portals of The Earth’s Mother’s, you will experience being immersed in a transcending vortex of stillness, with magnetic clarity that will gift you with greater intuitive awareness, conscious soul evolution & the magnificence of being bathed in the Holy of Holies – [themecolor]The Inner Sanctum of your Soul Matrix[/themecolor]; your opened heart .

Our journey towards Wholeness continues…

Join us TUESDAY NOV 19 on a journey of Light which accelerates your ascension, expanding your consciousness and elevates your intuitive awareness.


47 1/2 King William Street
Hamilton, ON CANADA

By Donation $20 or to receive the Virtual Holographic Transmission

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You will also receive the key codes, fire letters, sacred diamond geometries in accordance with your vibratory rate helping to infuse & illuminating each chakra with Metatronic Science. You will experience an acceleration towards your ascension.