INNER SOUL ALCHEMY; Bridging the Inner World of Light

April promises to be a Cosmic Showdown of a month with some truly page turning life defying moments to important relationships.  There’s just no more dwelling in wishy-washy terrain as we experience a dynamic month with; 2 eclipses (more at, a Grand Cardinal Cross – a four-way face-off between Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Mars (bearing in mind that Mars is still Retrograde till mid May causing deep transformation within our physical body structures – As Spirit becomes Matter).   Then we have the  Uranus Pluto square in the  April 12 – 29 window . (The 5th in a series of 7 between 2012 – 2015) also bring about MASSIVE change without notice as the old world crumbles to revealing all the new. Just remember to B R E A T H in love, exhale gratitude as your own unique path of awakening will reveal itself  thought a moment to moment  series of steps that maybe unclear at times but with specific lessons for you.


00angelI myself have been in a deep state of Alchemical transition experiencing  the Shamanic Death Rites of Passage as a Spring cleaning releasing my own deep emotional wounds and past- life contracts (included the soul life lesson reflected through  touring, media appearances and private sessions) experiences related to some heart wrenching, agonizing  pain suppressed  deep within a vault that granted no access not only in my own consciousness but that of the collective as well. This has been a time of truly embracing the lesson of self-love, acceptance and worth.

I’m constantly  amazed and in awe by the reflection of what my beloved clients feel safe to express and transmute and in the spirit of truly being Nakedly transparent  and honoring each individual – you –  having a greater capacity for love of self as it shines out to all you amazing divine souls.

Together we are changing the world, anchoring the new world one person at a time as we step into our Divine Unveiling and illumination.  You are the ones you’ve been waiting for!

Before we can experience true Union with our Spirit we are asked to look within and initiate ourselves into a greater Understanding of Life, accepting and healing both the light and dark of our Nature. This process can bring about a a series of initiations that takes us through the purifying fire of our Spirit to turn us from lead into Spiritual Gold.  

00ahealer“Antahkarana” is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘interior sense organ.’ It has been likened to the awakening of the Inner Guru. In the wisdom teachings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, the antahka- rana is portrayed as a bridge to the inner worlds of light, a tube of light that flows through you connecting the frequency of the Cosmic Kundalini Consciousness of Source above with that of the Divine Mother of the Gaia – Earth Kundalini.

Along the cosmic diving rod otherwise known as the spine, seven star gates, vortices, seals, or energy centers reside that correspond to elements, body parts, and life situations.

According to some, these spinning centers-known as chakras -are seven layers of manifestation that form a rainbow bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. Revealing the Garden of Eden; Heaven on Earth.

Defy the laws of gravity as we step into a sacred space to bridge the Inner worlds of the Inner Gods and Goddess that oversee each Stargate or Chakra, blending the 10 bodies of Light with the Tree of Light including our dark and light sides.

Igniting your Soul in reclaiming your sacred roots, clear, grounding, and strengthen you in receiving the Sound Harmonics in deeper connection with the crystalline core heart center of the Mother Earth.

Blend and merging the 2 Divine Currents of the Cosmic and Earth Kundalini igniting the infinite well to flow through your aura, body and hologram.