EGYPT; Alchemy & Divine Magic

Come explore the trans-dimensional, interstellar, inter-dimensional, Dynasties of Egypt past, present and future!
Marvel at the vibrant frequency of the temples along the Nile reflecting the multi – sensory aspects of the microcosm and macrocosm unlocking the wisdom of Ancients

Are you feeling the call of the Ancients?

Interested in joining us in EGYPT this November for a life altering experience; Please join Director of The Khemit School of Mysticism, Patricia Awyan; owner of Spiritual Quest Journeys, Peta Panos and Soul Ignitor & Journey Leader Charlotte Szivak. In a 90 min recorded hangout to learn more, experience a powerful Egyptian activation and met the Soul family team!

# Hear an update on the political situation and safety issues in Egypt
# Absorb information about the key Sacred Sites in Egypt
# Be activated through a co-create in the moment Egyptian meditation/transmission by Charlotte
# Understand more about the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt and how they can affect us today
# Learn more about the Khemitology School, Charlotte´s work and Spiritual Quest Journeys
# Get the opportunity to sign up for the November journey to Egypt physically or Holographically