AWAKENING BLISS; You are designed for joy

What was once hidden from view can now be seen. Laying within you are many inner treasures and gifts; this is your time of discovery. Uncover your special and unique skills that you have hidden like pearls in a shell.

“Everyone is gifted just some chose to never open their package”

))a1Fear is a part of illusion in the old consciousness that is being dismembered. This past year expansive Jupiter was in the watery sign of Cancer helping us delve deep into the emotional terrains releasing old patterns issue, fears and anxieties so it is a welcoming sign the luckiest planet now enters  fiery Leo on July 16 until August 11, 2015. Jupiter last visited Leo from August 2002-September 2003–an era of bling, big personalities and the advent of the “portmanteau” celebrity moniker, which began with Bennifer and hasn’t stopped since. Get ready for a fantastic last half of 2014 full of gregarious good times, globetrotting adventures and a sky’s-the-limit attitude once again!

As we once again get ready to let the good times role, we connect to the energetic template of joy and the sensuous goddess HATHOR, goddess of dance, music, love, frivolity and ecstasy. Transcending and demolishing the myth that it is your nature to be in a state of anxiety and fear and therefore igniting your temple of light your beautiful divine essence with inspiration, creativity, energy and vitality.

S H I F T   H A P P E N S !

NOW is the spectacular opportunity as we recognize that fear is put pockets of power disguised that when converted gifts us with incredible amount of power available to fuel your energy, love & creativity building in momentum. As you absorb or unify fear back into oneness, back into its source, you access a level of power and integration that you can transfer to following your bliss. Both FEAR and BLISS exist in every MOMENT; so it is up to you to decide where to place your focus.

Let’s syntheses and blend anchoring these awesome energies releasing and transcending. Embrace the purifying energy, magnetic clarity that dispelled and reorganized anything within the body that isn’t in perfect order.