INTERSTELLAR SOUL INFUSIONS; Awakening Transmission and Meditation

Welcome to the new world of remembered multidimensionality. We have been through much trails and tribulations since 2011.  2014 was a  year of enormous emotional healing and cleansing to make way for the upgrades, anchoring and actualization towards our Interstellar star selves.  As we are about to step into the most powerful month of 2015 – March will be birth of the New world. Even the astrology points in this direction of the last and final powerful Uranus (breakthroughs) Pluto (Death /transformation)  squares on March 16th, 3 days later experiencing a Solar Eclipse in the last possible degree of the zodiac (new life incarnation within an existing incarnation) and 13 hours later the powerful surge of energy for the Spring Equinox (birth). Make no mistake these are exceptional times to be alive, these energies will enhance and strengthen your feeling and awareness of your own soul essence throughout your body.

[themecolor]SOUL INFUSION MATRIX[/themecolor]

Approximately two to two-and-a-half inches inside your heart chakra in the center of your chest is the area called your “SOUL MATRIX”. This matrix consists of two prismatic, diamond-like anchor points and the ‘sun of the soul’ as the Pleiadian’s call it. This “sun of the soul” actually looks like a sun or star, glowing in beautiful starlight blue or sunlight gold. Since the Sun is a star there is no contradiction in terms. This soul light is meant to shine brightly as you feel and know your worth and the value of your essential nature. The more you see the essential beauty in yourself and love yourself, GOD/GODDESS/ALL THAT IS/SOURCE, other people, nature and creation in general the brighter this light shines. And the brighter the inner sun shines, the more you glow, experience radiant health, joy,  vitality and passion. Awakening your inner landscape of inner beauty, worth and love.

[themecolor] SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY[/themecolor]

The spiritual journey is rooted in the understanding that the soul is one’s true identity, and that the role of the personality (ego) is to simply be the outer servant on its behalf. In truth, the journey to enlightenment is based upon our ability to transform the personality so that it willingly yields to the soul’s downward gaze and intuitive promptings. This is the esoteric significance behind the ancient science of alchemy. For enlightenment to occur, the personality must be alchemized. Through the fiery process of purification, the personality is gradually transmuted and, in this way, becomes a cooperative agent in support of the soul’s creative intention.

Therefore, any amount of self-doubt, self-judgement, lack of deservingness, or blame, judgment, or unlovingness toward others can dim the light of your soul. In other words, the more you value the sacredness of yourself, others, and the existence the more you likewise experience and express who you really are. Other things that can block or dim your soul’s light are; dishonestly of any kind, sex without love; physical or emotional abuse; emotional repression; righteous justification for hate, anger and blame; being ungrounded (your spirit not present in your body); and possession by entities. The list can go on and on.


[themecolor] BRIDGING THE INNER WORLD OF LIGHT[/themecolor]

The basic cure for any and all of these is LOVE, acting from a place of integrity and goodwill, complete emotional honesty with yourself and loved ones, this begins the building of the bridge of light (Antah-ka-rana) that links you to your soul’s guidance. Once upon this “rainbow bridge,” you can cross into the subtle planes where the “voice of the silence,” may be heard. It’s here that you’ll discover your soul’s purpose and begin to discern your role in the grand design as a genuine active co-creator with the Divine Plan.

When you live this way, you begin to heal the past wounds inflicted by yourself and others, and your true essence ignites the magical temple of light that is the infusion of your heart, mind, body & soul.

PLEASE JOIN us for this Divine Transmission either in person or on the crystalline grid;

[themecolor]INTERSTELLAR SOUL INFUSION;    [/themecolor]



This Soul Infusion transmission will enhance and strenthen your feeling and awareness of your own soul essence throughout your aura, body and hologram within your 5 body vehicle of light.  As you expand and elevate in your soul conscious awareness reuniting and  healing all the disintegrated soul fragments you become aware of fine filaments of light shining like tiny lazers into your soul matrix illuminating it from the inside out. The light coming in is somewhat akin to sunlight that shines inward instead of outward, with all its light aimed at a central core, as opposed to the usual sunlight that shines from the core of the Sun outward. This sunlight is so concentrated at the core of your soul that it accentuates the natural tendency of your soul to shine outward accelerating the  burning away of locked/frozen energies inhibiting your soul from igniting your brilliance thereby allowing you restore, revitalize and feel like your true self.

[themecolor]”Discovery of your own soul’s myth is a vital part of your healing and reawakening”[/themecolor]


This transmission/meditation will foster an enormous ascension acceleration, flowing deeply into your soul matrix allowing for the rise of the Inner Sun.

 Kundalini Cosmic & Earth Activation;  

brings in the Solar and Earth energies to synthesis your Light Body integrating and  anchoring it into your physical structure.

Ascension Seats included

Arcturian, Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, Solar Sun, White Lodge of Sirius Mt. Shasta, Giza Plateau

Chambers of Light included;

Inter-dimensional, Quantum Transfiguration,  Diamond Geometry,  Soul Infusion Matrix, Crystalline Light infusion, & the Multidimensional healing & integration


Experience burning  into the powerful magic of transcending lower vibrational toxic energy within your aura, body and hologram to ignite your brilliance. You will also feel your entire DNA Sacred Geometry structure being transfigured into the Diamond crystalline frequency.