SHIFT HAPPENS; with the Violet Flame

As March continue to build in energy the theme of cleaning up our battle scares of the past illusions that have created our reality become ever more evident.  Many are beginning to experience a BREAKTHROUGH – not a BREAKDOWN –  from our old patterns of any ego/perceptions/ belief’s /narcissistic tendencies/patterns from within ourselves, relationships, and money that’s held us back from the life you truly desire. You will hear much about the powerful and final upcoming PLUTO (death/transformation) square URANUS (breakthrough) on March 16th.   Its time to shift our perceptions about lack and fear  taking bold new steps using this energy to rocket launch yourself into the next level of  awakening your birthright of abundance, prosperity and radiant health.

 “Discovery of your own soul’s myth is a vital part of your healing and reawakening”

 One of the most effective if not one of the best cleansers of energy is the invocation of the Violet Flame. The violet flame is a luminous, intelligent substance with an ultraviolet frequency just beyond what our eyes can see, that triggers an alchemical process within us. It establishes and reestablishes the rhythm of life, the inbreath and outbreath, and the pulse of daily living. It puts oil in the gears of our modern civilization, and fills our lives with a very special divine quality that we need each day, just like we need need pure air and water, sunshine, the earth currents and the many star frequencies.

The miracle of the Violet Flame.

  # The violet flame helps restore balance in nature as well as in our physical bodies and psychological mindsets. It sets free human energies that are trapped in downward, negative spirals and restores their perfect vibrational blueprint, electron by electron. The violet flame fills the wide-open spaces between the electrons and the nuclei of the atoms where the residue of negative thoughts, feelings and energies accumulate.

This karmic residue can be as hard as concrete or as sticky as molasses as it registers in our cells and auric field, causing physical degeneration, mental recalcitrance, hardness of heart, a lack of sensitivity to the needs of others and other spiritual blockages.

When the violet flame is invoked, it passes through and loosens this dense substance, transmuting our negative karma and transforming it into light. As you begin to use the violet flame, you will experience feelings of joy, lightness, hope, and newness of life as though clouds of depression were being dissolved by the very sun of your being. Oppressive self-sabotaging momentous of thought and feeling literally melt in the flame, which, when applied with intensity, is felt as a fervent heat. Each time we apply the violet flame to recalcitrant conditions and surrender these unwanted conditions into the flame, the spiritual fire instantaneously begins the work of breaking down the dense particles of misqualified energy from lifetimes within the mass consciousness.

 We invoke the violet flame through combined affirmations, visualizations and the spoken word, summoning the divine power within us to manifest this violet light frequency.




SELF-TRANSFORMATION was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists. They sought a way to change the lead of negative human energy into the gold of divine energy, and some of them achieved this by using the violet flame. This transmission will enhance and strengthen your feeling and awareness of your own soul essence throughout your aura, body and hologram within your 5 body vehicle of light with the powerful cleansing energy of the Violet flame. As you expand and elevate in your soul conscious awareness reuniting and  healing all the disintegrated soul fragments you become aware of fine filaments of violet light shining like tiny lazers into your soul  illuminating it from the inside out.

The violet flame (also called the violet fire) is a unique spiritual energy that can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, or just make life easier.

The flame is the essence of a unique spiritual light. Mystics of all ages have glimpsed a “spiritual spectrum” behind the physical spectrum. Radiant colors, more pure and rare than those found on earth, emanate from a brilliant, “inner” divine light. Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism refracts into seven colors, spiritual light splits into seven colors, or “rays” – each of which has specific divine qualities. The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation.


TUESDAY MARCH 10 – 730pm 

(((((((a5This transmission/meditation will foster an enormous ascension acceleration, flowing deeply into your soul matrix allowing for the rise of the Inner Sun.

   Kundalini Cosmic & Earth Activation;  

brings in the Solar and Earth energies to synthesis your Light Body integrating and  anchoring it into your physical structure.

Ascension Seats included

Arcturian, Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, Solar Sun, White Lodge of Sirius Mt. Shasta, Giza Plateau

 Chambers of Light included;

Inter-dimensional, Quantum Transfiguration,  Diamond Geometry,  Soul Infusion Matrix, Crystalline Light infusion, & the Multidimensional healing & integration

 Experience burning  into the powerful magic of transcending lower vibrational toxic energy within your aura, body and hologram to ignite your brilliance. You will also feel your entire DNA Sacred Geometry structure being transfigured into the Diamond crystalline frequency.



Please join us in person or on the crystalline grid;

For those joining us in holographic virtual transmission your donation below initiates the process. You’ll receive the Holographic departure details after Donation is made –

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3xs once for each body(emotional, mental, spiritual bodies)

Beloved Magic I Am Presence, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light, seize hold inactive and transmute all wrong thought-forms,  human concepts, opinions, blame and all carnated entities in or around me, my world and affairs; also in and around all in governmental positions and all individuals with destructive intent, and in and around all mankind.  replace them with ascendant masters substance, illumination, love right desire and action.


***Beloved Magic I Am Presence, make my body and bed a great mass of Violet Flame, take out all unnecessary substance and misquailfied energy. ***
Beloved Magic I Am Presence, while this body sleeps see that I render the greatest service of which I Am capable through my own Christed Self.

After an intense heavy energy encounter try this;

Magic I Am Presence, blaze through and around me the transmuting Violet Flame, they sacred fire, purify and transmute now all impure desires, hard feelings, wrong concepts, imperfect records, causes,cores,effects and memories, known or hidden.  Keep this flame sustained and all powerfully active. replace all by pure substance power of accomplishment and the divine plan fulfilled.


These invocations will  improve your energy, strengthen your boundaries and your overall outlook.