IGNITE THE SEVEN SEALS; Infinity Consciousness

it is time for you to fully step into your physical and Spiritual senses by embracing the sacred fires of combustion within that initiates you towards the bliss of union with Spirit.  It is time to redefine and learn to properly use the physical senses in order to access and develop the higher senses that became dormant so long ago: clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing or telepathic abilities, clairsentience/clear knowing (that of an empathic, intuitive person with an expanded, inner sense of awareness). All of these heightened abilities are a part of your Divine Birthright as an Integrated Ascendant Master just waiting for you to reclaim them. When these are united together the spark of divinity awakens and ignites the fire of your essence inviting the purifying spark of the sacred fire, the kundalini, to align,  integrate & activate  higher states of consciousness through balancing the two polarities so that they dance within us as ONE, Whole and unified.

The seven major chakras of the physical vessel outlined the positive and negative attributes/functions of each one. It is important that you also realize that each chakra and organ within the body has a consciousness a divine intelligence of its own, which was overlaid and infused with the energies of your many past experiences, emotional wounds and thought forms. You have not only created your outer world with your beliefs and the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts, but you have built your inner world in reflection as well.


Your body (divine temple of light) communicates with you in many ways, but do you know how to listen and interpret what it is telling you? Many of you have accepted the fact that you can communicate and interact with the Angelic Realms and Beings of Light. However, most of you are still not aware that you can communicate with the many Facets of your bodily form access divine body intelligence.  The body’s integration gifts you with an unparallelled opportunity for personal evolution all you need to do is drop the brain, the thoughts and allow your divine temple expand and utilize the senses to access its wisdom and vitality in an almost intimate fashion by simply allowing the solutions to intuitively provide the necessary changes and growth with vitality, passion and instinct.  Awakening your path to the stars.