SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY; Miracles of the Violet Flame.

Here’s the invocations:3xs once for each body(emotional, mental, spiritual bodies)

Beloved Magic I Am Presence, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light,seize hold inactive and transmute all wrong thought-forms,  human concepts, opinions, blame and all carnated entities in or around me, my world and affairs; also in and around all in governmental positions and all individuals with destructive intent, and in and around all mankind.  replace them with ascendant masters substance, illumination, love right desire and action.
And this is fabulous for clearing your energy every night.

***Beloved Magic I Am Presence, make my body and bed a great mass of Violet Flame, take out all unnecessary substance and misquailfied energy. ***
Beloved Magic I Am Presence, while this body sleeps see that I render the greatest service of which I Am capable through my own Christed Self.

After being around some heavy energies –
Magic I Am Presence, blaze through and around me the transmuting Violet Flame, they sacred fire, purify and transmute now all impure desires, hard feelings, wrong concepts, imperfect records, causes,cores,effects and memories, known or hidden.  Keep this flame sustained and all powerfully active. replace all by pure substance power of accomplishment and the divine plan fulfilled.

In the name of my I Am Presence and the Ascendant Masters I say to all human creation ‘you have no power.

These are the mantras I say 3xs each – one for spirit, mind, body. Before  bed and sometimes throughout the day. You feel the difference immediate.

Let me know how you feel from them, they will really improve your energy, strengthen your boundaries and your overall outlook.